I first came to Stamford on a very cold March morning about nine years ago. I instantly fell in love with the village that my now-husband had been visiting since he was a child. Seven years later we got married a couple of miles from Mindl’s. We made Stamford village our permanent home and community in July of 2020.

We thank our lucky stars everyday. 

Mindl’s exists because I want to add to this beautiful community. I want to help meet the needs for a unique shopping experience that is both necessary and whimsical.A shop where everyone feels at home and can find something that lights them up. A new spice blend, a wooden bowl, an herbal tincture for deeper dreams. A place of familiarity with a touch of wonder.

Something for everyone.

Every product in my shop is carefully curated for our community and its visitors. Gifts, housewares, specialty foods, vintage clothing, and beyond. More importantly, our offerings emphasize Black-owned business and products. We believe that supporting Black-owned businesses is crucial to dismantling the racist and violent systems we live in (and many of us benefit from). Supporting Black-owned businesses creates jobs and opportunities, builds up and empowers communities, and helps to close the racial wealth gap that can be traced back to redlining, job discrimination, and other Jim-Crow era practices that prevented wealth building for Black Americans.

As a Jewish woman, I am a strong believer in a concept and major tenet of Judaism known as Tikkun Olam, which translates to “Repair the World.” It means to do everything you can to make this world a more peaceful, just, and beautiful place to live- for everyone. You’ll find that the many Black-owned products sold at Mindl’s share the shelves with Indigenous-owned, Woman-owned, Non-Black POC owned, and locally-owned products.

At Mindl’s, we work to build up not only our community, but the communities around us as well.